Caleb Swift Music and Sound Design


Caleb Swift was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. into a musical family of singers and pianists.

Having been interested in film music since the age of 5 as well as playing piano and guitar for church, Caleb's musical background would continue to build on foundations in piano and cello performance, composition, orchestration and arranging sheet music throughout school in addition to a competitive sports and military career in the United States Army.

Upon attending the University of North Georgia, Caleb would balance life in the university's ROTC program, a degree in business and performance in the school's orchestra; even allowing for performances of his own composed works.

After transferring and graduating Champlain College with a Bachelor's degree in business management, Caleb sought out opportunities to pursue a career in music composition.

His first opportunity for music publishing came in 2019 with UK Music giant, Gargantuan Music. His first placement in a major production would follow shortly after with his music utilized in an ad for the largest crime-show crossover event of the year, the BBC Network Prime-Time Event "Casualty/Holby City".

Opportunities with some of the biggest names in music for advertising would follow shortly after including Really Slow Motion Trailer Music, JDM Music and Sound, Dos Brains and numerous other companies.

Caleb currently resides in the beautiful mountainsides of TN and enjoys fishing, creative writing and spending time with his family.